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Shenzhen Outaihua Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd (in short is OTH), Joint Venture Enterprise, is a modern Environmental Protection and Hi-tech Industry specialized in producing Water Treatment Equipment,

Depending on our strong technology background, OTH designs and manufactures environmental protection equipment for water treatment that was advanced in China. OTH ClO2 generator was the only product under the State Emphasized Protection Environmental Technology (Type B) among craft brother in year 2004 and issued with National Invention Patent of China. At the same time, OTH was:

  • the chief Expert of drafting the National Standard HCRJ067-1999, which is about ¡°Chemical Chlorine Dioxide Water Disinfectant Generator¡±;
  • the Company getting the Certification of Environmental Protection Products which issued by State Environmental Protection Administration of China firstly among craft brother;
  • the Company that has been assessed and certified by SGS as meeting the requirement of ISO 9001:2000 for the following activities: Design and manufacture of Chlorine Dioxide disinfectant generators, including installation, operator training and repair firstly in craft brother
  • the Leading Company on Environmental Science and Technology Innovation of Guangdong Province, China;
  • awarded as ¡°Good Quality Product¡± by China Association for Quality Inspection.

In 2003, OTH was awarded as ¡°2003 Outstanding Company of Environmental Protection Industry in China¡± by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry. When the first time China Post published Environmental Commemorative Stamp for China Environmental Protection Industry,OTH was allowed to design its own stamp as the exclusive representation of China Water Treatment Industry.


Our Products

Our product is OTH series Chemical Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Generator. Adopting the advanced technology from China and foreign countries, OTH ClO2 Generator has good performance and high level of automation. This low-cost generator could be operated simply and maintained easily. It is widely applied in water supply system, recycled water disinfection, hospital wastewater disinfection, industry circulating cooling water, wastewater treatment of papermaking, printing and dyeing industry etc. After treatment, the water quality could conform with the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water (GB 5749£­85) or the Integrated Waste Water Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996). In year 2003, when SARS break out in China, OTH¡¯s products used in lots of hospitals national around had indelible effect for controlling disease spread. It is also worth mentioned that Hainan Qionghai Water Supply Company who could supply good quality of water for 2005 Annual Conference of ¡°Boao Forum for Asia¡± use OTH¡¯s ClO2 Generator.

Performance of Leading Products

OTH Series ClO2 Disinfectant Generator applies HCl-NaClO3 chemical method to generate ClO2. The Reaction System is made of heat-resistant and corrosion-proof composite material and the spray lacquer baking varnish on metal products of the crust improve its corrosion resistance. Concerning about the specific technical performance of our Leading Products, please find the information as following:


OTH2000 Series

  • Use aerating technological process with negative pressure to generate the composite product of ClO2 (main product) and little Cl2. the transforming rate > 82%, content of ClO2(active chlorine)> 70%.
  • Adopting intellectualized numeral controller and touch panel. It can realize automatically control temperature (ensure the best reaction temperature 70¡æ) and pressure.
  • Raw material supply system adopts Germany metering pump and it can exact measure and reliable work.
  • The alarm system will work when lower dynamic water pressure, higher temperature or other malfunction happened.


OTH2001-LPR Series

  • OTH2001-LPR Program Automatic Series ClO2 Disinfectant Generator retrofitted and designed on the basis of OTH2000¡¯s new technology. But it has higher degree of automatic, security, stability, dependability and promotes the conversion ratio.
  • Use aerating technological process with negative pressure to generate the composite product of ClO2 (main product) and little Cl2. Transforming Rate > 85%, content of ClO2(active chlorine)> 70%.
  • This equipment adopts high reliability Program Logical Controller (PLC) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) System. It is self-controlled according to the input data of temperature, the amount of residual chlorine and the frequency of metering pump. It shall be automatically switched off upon receiving the alarm signal which is deepened on the setted parameters of hydraulic pressure and liquid level.
  • Touch LCD screen can directly complete the system operation such as parameter setting, data collection and real time data processing. The control panel shall display those informaiton as the state of the equipment all the time, operate instructions and setted parameters. Meanwhile, it shall be capable of encrypting the pages with important parameters.
  • Germany Siemens Program Logical Controller (PLC) which we use has RS485 standard communication interface which in conformity with multiform communication agreement. The controller shall be capable of remote switchover or switching over at the side of the equipment. Interfaces shall be provided for the control equipment to connect with the control system of the whole plant so as to realize the overall remote monitoring and control.



After treated by OTH series ClO2 Disinfectant Generator£¬no matter the drinking water, domestic sewage or industry wastewater, all the results could conform with the national standards. A wide variety application of OTH series include:

  • Water supply system, well water or recycled water disinfection
  • Hospital wastewater disinfection
  • Decolor and remove odour for industry wastewater or domestic sewage
  • Decolor for wastewater of papermaking or dyeing industry
  • Eliminating the Reducing Bacteria in the oil pipeline and the injection water system of oil field
  • Sterilizing and destroying alga for industry circulating cooling water and recycled water
  • Foodstuff and beverage water disinfection
  • Cyanogen-contained, hydroxybenzene-contained wastewater treatment
  • Garbage wastewater treatment
  • Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment
  • Aquiculture water treatment
  • Swimming pool water disinfection



Raw Material Consumption

To product 1g effective chlorine need 0.65g natrium chlorate and 1.3g hydrochloric acid. The cost is around £¤0.004/g. The reference quantity of effective chlorine consumption is listed as follow:


Reference quantity of effective chlorine consumption in some water treatment (g/m3)

Drinking water

Hospital wastewater

swimming pool

Industry recycled water

well water

surface water






Chemical Equation:2NaClO3£«4HCl 2ClO2¡ü£«Cl2¡ü£«2NaCl£«2H2O

Comparison of Water Disinfection Methods/ Generators

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Let Each River, Lake and Sea Clear Forever

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